Oil Obsession...

Just some...

Of my empty oil bottles. I like to reuse and make samples or blends as gifts for others. I started my oil journey around the same time that I began yoga. When I was putting together my site I realized that both have had an active part in my growth as a person.

After quitting drinking, yoga was a great outlet for a lot of anxiety, and to get moving. However, I still had numerous bottled up emotions that would arise that I use to drown in alcohol..

It was then when my two loves came together. It was an oil and yoga workshop at the studio.

I signed up over 4 years ago..
So grateful I did!


These little bottles come with me everywhere.

And if you look they are in every room of my house. They are a huge part of my healthy lifestyle, and support my physical and emotional self numerous times throughout the day.
Begin the day off a little peppermint to get me going while I wait for my coffee.
After coffee, I make a smoothie with turmeric oil and greens supplement.
I love the joyful blend with a little coconut oil for my hair, it smells wonderful, uplifts your mood, and fights frizz! What else could you want in a hair product.
All my skin care products have been replaced with all natural DIY oil mixtures, mostly are simply with coconut oil and shea butter. Remember our skin is an organ and it is extremely important to take care of it and that means by what we put on it.

When I leave the house I have a travel bag of oils that comes with me that covers anything that could possibly happen to me while I'm out, LOL! I have an oil for anxiety, focus, grounding, headaches, congestion, anti-bacterial (although most oils carry this property which is wonderful!), and usually a couple to uplift my mood.

I love them all...

When I first got introduced to the oils, I was really only looking for emotional support.
I got a kit, wish I got a larger one looking back at it, but I also got oils I wasn't sure how to use or if I would ever need them.
Well the funny thing is, I think doTERRA was extremely smart when they created their kits, and they know what oils pair well together.
Certain oils I didn't use right away, like oregano, but let me tell you, that oil has quickly become my favorite. It boosted and protected my immune system with On Guard during the flu season, but my biggest relief was when it helped fight not just one but two infections in my mouth caused by my wisdom teeth.
Couldn't think of a day not using them..

So, now do you want to know how you can get yours?

Not only would you get 25% off all oils all the time, you would also get support from me with weekly newsletters with tips and tricks on daily uses!

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