02022020: The Energy is Shifting


2020 was a crazy year!
LOL- From following all of you, I know you felt like January was a year long too!
But in all honesty, 2020 is going to be the year. If you haven't been feeling this energy shift, it will catch up to you at one point or another. It will not be something that you can escape.
Let's go back and look at the lessons in January.
I haven't been able to write, well maybe I could have, but it just wasn't something that was happening.
January was a very emotional month for me.
I had so much energy swirling around inside me, creating confusion, uneasiness, and tears.
I knew this was when I needed to turn inward. I needed to take time to work on myself. I needed to slow down and be PATIENT.

Ben and I went on a 2 week trip. 
So many great parts and wouldn't change it for the world. There were also so low points, which ended with great lessons learned, but never fun when you're going through it, especially on the trip. And then we both got sick, which ended with the trip being cut short. Which looking at it now, it definitely all happened FOR us.
I didn't want to be present, and stay patient, so my decided it was going to make me once we got back.
I took that as the sign to take it seriously.

So what does it look like to turn inward. 
It might look slightly like isolation, but when we are going through these shifts its hard to explain what is going on so its easier to be alone.
This is where self care steps in. Take a bath, go on walk, take a long drive, get on your yoga mat, read a book, really anything that truly makes you happy. 
Take the time to start there. 
Get back to a place of happiness.
A place where you can let you mind stop thinking, stop worrying about everything else that is going on and just be present in the moment.
That is really what meditation is.
Being able to be quiet and in the moment and in joy.
That is what we want- that is where we will find the answers.
Its really just being able to keep turning inward, where you get back in touch with your intuition, where you find the clarity.
If you can truly find what you want and what makes you happy in life and take the steps to go there you will be guided by the universe, God, your higher power, what ever your belief is.

So this energy that was in January, that has shifted, especially drastically today!
I had written this entire blog this morning, and then went to save it and go to my BUTI yoga workshop and the whole thing disappeared, so now as I sit here writing this, it has changed. My energy is so much lighter, I was able to release so much negativity and harass my inner goddess and it was exactly what I needed. Like I said, you will always get exactly what you need.
A rare palindrome, which is a number that can be read forwards and backwards, and will be the only one in the century.
This one has a special meaning and really describes the shifting of the energy and how we are going from one age to the next.
"As the portals of time open up on this special day, send love and healing into the past and the future, and be open to receiving spiritual growth and an energy shift within you take place."

So we are shifting out of a very structured and contracted age, where we were all living for survival. It was while wars were going on, and countries were expanding and new ones being formed. It was a dark time of change and destruction and created this energy based on survival. It began being broken people helping broken people just to scrape by. Now it sounds horrible, but it was needed to be able to deal with the times of war, and each phase and age has its purpose, but we will always continue to grow and evolve. 
So now its time that we turn inward, begin to heal ourselves, and create a life of abundance.

Buti yoga is the perfect type of class to take to really shake up and release your inner goddess. It is a high intensity tribal dance and and hip hop dance and yoga. It truly it magical. It is not a yoga class that you go to and are silent. This is a lets light that inner fire and really let out our inner selves. I love doing this practice with my eyes close and just let my body move. It is a very empowering class, and that's actually the age we are coming into.

If we all take the time to work on our mental health, we can our thoughts, we change our feelings, we change our vibration, and kindness is spread.
We are coming to the age of the individual. Everything we need is right inside us, we just need to get back to finding that voice, that pure self.

So how can we do that?
Well we talked about meditation and doing the things that truly make you happy.
But some might need to work on their mindset before the meditation can even take place. Mindset is a practice and something that needs repetition. Our brains our powerful and work just like a computer. We can program our brain to believe anything we want. Now our brain also picks up on outside noise and stores it subliminally, this is where our limiting beliefs are created. Maybe when you were younger your mom told you that you weren't a singer, and singing didn't run in the family. So your entire life you grew up thinking that you can't sing. Well singing is a skill, and you can always learn a skill. But you never tried because of the one thing that happened so long ago.
We are filled with limiting beliefs, things that could have been passed down from generations, but it is our responsibility to work through that and make sure we don't pass it down to other generations.
So the best way to reprogram our mindset is with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are positive statements that really show and describe our full potential.
Ones I'm working with this month:
I am patient.
I am a champion.
I am beautiful, successful, and professional.
I am a leader to my team.
I am enough.
Everyone connected to me wins.

These affirmations take place of the negative self talk that maybe going on in our heads.
Those doubts are the only thing that is stopping us from our dream. Let's get rid of them and empower ourselves to go out and do what we were meant to do. 
We aren't made to just shuffle through the steps of life, we are meant to truly life it, and do what we are passionate about.

Things are shifting and changing.
More practices have become available, and even the health field and jumping on board realizing that all of this drastically reduces stress.
Companies and businesses are even shifting their model to go along with the change.
Rather than spending money on marketing it is given as compensation to the salesperson.
Direct sales was the first industry to see and adapt to this huge change. The business structure is set up to empower the individual. It gives the person their life back, their power, and their freedom back.
It has allowed people to work during all different situations and truly get out of survival mode.
More and more products are switching over because the age is changing.
The best part is the self- development is needed for this industry. What other business cares so much about your mental health that is is part of your job?

Start taking your power back.
Start listening to your intuition again.
If you have been feeling confusion, frustration, or extremely emotional, take the time to dive deep. 
This is your time to find your calling. This is your time to make yourself happy.

As always, you want help? I am here for all of you.

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