Seriously? Judgement on whether you evacuated or not?

This truly boggles my mind.

There should be no judgment of one another- but let's face it there always is.
But during a time of crisis, there shouldn't be judgment on whether or not you evacuated.

Social media is horrible for judgment. And I get caught up in it every now and again, but the comments that are made about hurricane can be cruel.
There are so many different components that go into evacuating. 
There are so many different things that have gone on in that person's life that you don't know about.

I'm from the north, so I was not use to the whole evacuation situations.
My first one was Matthew. 
That was a serious one, and although my condo was safe and I would have been fine if I stayed- but for my first hurricane I'm so grateful that I left.

But my situation was very different from others, and I didn't have a lot of components to worry about like other people did.
I don't have children; it was my boyfriend, dog and I evacuating.
I was a teacher, so I knew that I was still getting a pay check during the time of evacuation.
We had extra money to spend in a hotel, since all our family was farther away or in the path themselves.
I took it as a hurrication- extra time we got to head to the mountains.

But I know that we are fortunate. There are plenty of people who do not have the same luxuries we do. 
There are so many people who do not make income if they are not at work.
There are many people who don't have a savings and can't afford a week at a hotel on the whim.

Emergency weather situations are scary.
They are not a time that we should be judging other people. 
It is the time to come together.
We should be practicing love and kindness always, but when it is needed the most is during times of crisis.

We should be helping neighbors clear their yards.
Making sure friends and family have power.
If not- offer help.

We are so fortunate this time in South Carolina, but there are many who are not.
The Bahamas needs so much support, so please donate and help when you can.

Social media is hard enough with comparison stealing joy, let's not do it in a time of devastation and need.
Let's begin to change our mindset. 
Let's think more in gratitude.

Let's sit and make a list. 
Grab your pen, or open your notes and let's start.

I am grateful for: (write and number 1-5)
1. The hurricane loosing speed and saving my island I call home.
2. My condo and shelter protecting my boyfriend, dog and I.
3. My oil to keep us all calm through the storm- yes, Roxy has her own doggie oil and treats.
4. Stores and things reopening today.
5. Things slowly getting back to normal.

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breathes in.

You should be feeling so much different!
Everyday you should be focusing on the blessings you have and notice how it shifts your life.

Practice gratitude and stop the judgment. 
I'm happy for those who are safe, and praying for the ones in need.
If you need anything- please don't hesitate to reach out, I'm here!

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