Having thick skin- Letting go of ego

Constructive Criticism 

Makes my stomach twist, turn, and tightened into this big knot...
I know it' so important for growth- especially if it is constructive.

Now if that's how I feel about constructive criticism...
What do you think I do when its just full blown criticism?
Well, I wouldn't physically get sick but if I did I would get quicker release of tension.

Most of the time I am in pure shock of the criticism because I usually always put in at least 110% effort in anything I do- so if I'm being criticized I get so defensive because I probably couldn't have done anything to make it better.
I need to get over that.

I went to college and received a bachelors degree education- where you will be forever observed. I would have thought that it would have gotten easier, but it didn't. And the strange thing was, it wasn't the confidence of teaching the material I had a problem with; it was rather the anticipation of the constructive criticism.

Then I went through my 200 hour yoga teacher training. And we were constantly getting observed. And I thought it would have been different, or at least easier because I was so use to being watched, but no. And this time I didn't have the confidence that I did when I was in front of the classroom. I was nervous while teaching, and then the nerves of the anticipation came full time, but then I was receiving praise. 

This was the same knot in my stomach. I felt like it was just as hard to receive that as it was the criticism. 
I am able to walk around with this certain amount of confidence, and I know deep down that I know that I deserve everything, we all deserve everything, it was still hard to hear praise.

It still is. 
But I am able to look at myself and have more honest confidence and value myself a lot more than I did back then.
I have given myself some credit for that hard battles that I have gone through.
I have been down, but I have also built myself back up.
I have chosen to make a better life for myself. 
I have realized that understanding and knowing that is HUGE!
I know now that I do deserve better- and that's why I am here.
I know I'm a hard worker and that I have compassion for my customers and I am willing to go way above and beyond to make sure that they have the best service! 
Now I am able to take a compliment easier, and appreciate it, rather than letting it make me feel awkward.

So now, when I get criticism, I take it very personally, especially because now it's not constructive. It is in a business sense now, I am not in training, I am all grown up now- I get the real deal criticism.

So how do I handle it? 
When it was constructive- it was specifically about something that I could fix to improve myself.
Now this criticism can come in all forms. It could be about the product, the service, the industry, the way I present myself.

So do I need to have thick skin?
Does that happen by letting go of my ego?

I'm going to be honest, most recently the criticism that I have been receiving isn't about any of my customer service. Most of the criticism I am receiving is coming from people who aren't education on the product or in the industry.

I don't get upset because you are uneducated about topics- we can't all know everything about everything already, but what I do get upset when you are unwilling to become educated.

The reason that I started my own company was because I knew that I could help people. That is why I have my company. This is why I am sitting here writing to you right now. If I can inspire one person, help one person realize their worth, help one person stop self- sabotaging their life, then I feel like I am successful. 
And I have already heard a couple people tell me that I have inspired them to be better! 
I have become successful- but I'm not going to stop. I want to help more.

I have done my research on my company. I did the research on my company before I began working here, I did it when I wanted to try the product. Everyone should be doing all their own research on products before they put it into their bodies. If you need guidance or what to know what to look for to make sure you have a safe product please reach out.

Anyways, back to the criticism. Most recently, I received criticism about my product. Now I chose to not really dive into a discussion with the person, and the comment wasn't even said to me directly, but I still took it personally.
They made a Facebook post about how their company was better than mine, and that if you want the real deal to go to him. 
One: I am not a fan of the marketing. I don't think that you are going to make any positive success by building your name and company from bashing others.
Two: Like I said before, please do your research. I know there are other companies comparable to ours, and everything works differently on different people. So if you do have a product you like and trust, by all means I wouldn't ask you to change.
Three: Make sure that the information you are saying about the company is accurate. 

I should have just let it brush off my shoulders. 
Which I have.
But first I did remove him from my friends list. I decided that I really didn't want that energy of company bashing.
And I have to grow thicker skin.
I have to drop my ego.

What does that mean? Drop the ego?
It means that I have to understand that I'm not going to please everyone, and you know what, that's not my job. My job isn't to please everyone. My job is to share the information that I know have helped me, and to be here to support you as you go on your journey to finding your best self.

I have to not take all the criticisms personally. 
I have to know that people are going to dislike and not understand my industry, and that's ok. That doesn't mean that they don't like me, but it also means that I need to try to educate them.
I am here to teach.
I am a true teacher at heart. I want to teach everyone how to live a stress free life, where they listen to their hearts and they are happy.
Sounds too good to be true, right?
It's not, let's drop the ego- and see where life takes us.

This is your life, your journey, don't let others dictate the rules of it.

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