Flexibility: Important trait to have?


I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible. Well one, you do not have to be flexible to do yoga, that what props are for. We do yoga to gain flexibility, and not just physical flexibility.
I have been a dancer and gymnast as a child, but I think now that I do yoga I am more flexible then I was then. However, physically flexible isn't what I was to discuss.

So many other ways you can be flexible. So many other ways yoga makes you flexible as well.

My definition of flexibility is the ability to adjust in the moment and for the lack of words- go with the flow. Having the confidence in your situations that no matter what could come up, you would be able to adjust and continue on. 
There have always been certain areas in my life that I have been more flexible in. 
I have been very adaptable and trainable in work situations. When I was in college I worked at a temp agency, and would go to a different hotel or restaurant and would jump on the waitstaff for the night. It was so fun, and I was very good at it, I was able to adjust and learn their kitchen in a couple minutes and I was good to go.
I can also be flexible in my work space.

Well I call it flexible, but others might call it disorganized, but hear me out.
Being able to work with materials all around, and continue to work, while figuring out the proper home, does make me flexible. If I always had to have my space exactly the same, and work in the exact same spot I wouldn't be very flexible. I want to be able to take my business completely online. I need to be able to focus and work wherever. I can not wait for the perfect place or space because that wouldn't be beneficial to my dreams of traveling while having this online business.

Now you can be flexible in other ways. Maybe you idea of having an online business isn't so you can travel, but more so that you can be home with your children. In this case, you need to be flexible in your time. You probably do have a work space, a kid free zone, where you know you can get work done, but the time might change. Maybe you're trying to squeeze work in during nap time, play dates, and schooling. Then you need to be able to get in the zone and start working at all different points of the day. I am not that good about doing that anymore. I can do work at night, and I am right now, but I do my best work in the morning and I also can complete it more efficiently.

Can you work on your flexibility?
Of course you can. Just like your physical body, we can change and train our mind. 

I have been working on it a lot actually. Just because I was flexible in my work life means that it carries over everywhere. I am trying to be more flexible in my free time. 
I feel like since I have shifted my career and went fully towards my business, I have been working a lot on it. Although, sometimes I don't even realize I'm working until my friends or boyfriend ask if I'll be on my phone all night. And that's part that I need to be more flexible in. I am my own boss, so I create my hours, and if I'm going to be with other people I should be present while I'm spending time with them.
Part of the way I have been working on this, is to really plan my day out in the morning. I know many people suggest the night before, however, I find that I like to wake up, write my gratitude list, and then plan out my day while I wait for my coffee. Seeing the day mapped out, and knowing when I will be seeing people and what I have to get done before then, helps me stay present throughout my day.

Another area that I need to work on my flexibility is my free time. Since I have been so passionate about starting this business, when I do schedule free time, I schedule it, and expect it to go exactly as planned. If it doesn't then I'm like a toddler crying at her birthday party.
I have been really working on staying present, and breathing through these unwanted feelings that arise when I don't get my way.

I'm working on this because when I do travel, I want to make sure that I can truly adapt. There are so many different things that could arise, and I wouldn't want to let small things put bumps in the road, no pun intended.

Noticing where you want to be more flexible can help you point out how to get there.
Yoga can help with this flexibility.

Being able to sit with your breath, in the guidance of a teacher, you need to be open and willing to trust the practice. Staying with your breath, staying present, and not worrying about the next pose is a great way to practice this flexibility. I also do this when I want to work on being patient.

Like our physical bodies, exercises for the brain help make it stronger.
Plenty of other ways to exercise this.
If you want to be more flexible with plans and free time, maybe take a day where you get in the car and just start to drive. Don't have a destination in site, but rather just explore and if you see something that looks fun, you go in and check it out.

Our brains are a muscle, they need to work out. So challenge yourself. If there is something that you want to get better at, then find a way to start practicing.
Remember, it's not going to look pretty the first time, but the most important thing is you started.

Add some more flexibility into your life, see where this positive shift can take you.

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