Watering the seed...

Are you watering you seed?
Filling up your cup?

I was talking to someone not too long ago, they told me that they graduated college and they didn't need to learn anything anymore.
I was baffled.
How could you not want to learn anything anymore?

There is still so much to discover. So much that isn't taught in college, so much that isn't just a fact that needs to be memorized.
Living and exploring is learning and growing. 

When I was in college for early childhood education, we wanted that natural play interaction between children because that's where the real learning was happening. That's where the learning happens that has purpose- that has meaning. Where we learn the things that stay within us.

Doesn't that still happen as an adult?
As we take trips and travel, we see new sites and we are experiencing new culture. That is still learning.

I don't think he really meant it in that way. But he was dead serious that he wasn't going to read anymore. Which saddens me as well. Our poor eyes take such a beating from being on our phones, computers, in front of tv screens, that it is so nice to give them a break! But not reading, not wanting to research and learn something new just seems wrong.

I did mention audible and other apps that you could listen to a book- which let me tell you, I just listened to both Rachel Hollis' books and it was way better than if I read them. Her passion, her voice, her energy- its just so much better when shes reading it. Just my recommendation!

Ladies and Gentlemen:
We need to keep learning- keep questioning- keep discovering

I have been so blessed to be with this company that promotes self care and self development as the number one thing to make your business better.

I have been on 3 calls with the owner of the company this week talking about the law of vibration and the law of attraction and how that's how to have a successful business.

I have read/listened to/ watched about 25-30 hours these past 2 weeks on personal development. I am on top of the world.
If you have not looked into the law of vibration or attraction- it should be the first thing on your list.

We need to start taking better care of ourselves.
We need to find out what our passions are- what truly makes us happy.

It is not until then can you raise your vibration.
Everything has vibration because everything has energy.
Our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions all have energy.
They all carry vibrations.

Crazy right? Like who would have thought- that the thoughts in my head could cause any vibration in the outside world, but they do! This is where all our cliche sayings like "mindset matters" or "you can do anything you put your mind to" come from. But the crazy thing is- those cliche sayings are 100 percent true. If you start putting your thoughts out towards something that you really want- the universe will send it to you! 


I know right?

That's called the law of attraction. If you are vibrating on the right frequency and sending out positive vibrations those good positive things will start happening to you. And it works in the opposite too though. If you put out fear, doubt, worry, then you will be receiving negative energies.

Our mind is a powerful tool. You really can do anything you can imagine.
Want to know who's stopping you?

The nasty little roommate in our head that is is feeding us lies. Feeding us false information that we aren't capable.

When you start reading, and start growing you realize- that the roommate is wrong. And I can control my roommate- I can make him be quiet while I follow my dreams.

The thing is. You have to really want it. You have to really do some self discovery and figure out what you really want. What your true purpose and calling in life is. And then you surrender.

Yes, Surrender.
Trust that you are doing what you should be doing- and do it with pride and belief!

Look up the law of vibration and law of attraction. Let this be a little research assignment for you! Do you really want to become your BEST self?
Then it takes a little work. But it's totally worth it...

Is this what you do for work?
Does your boss give you assignments to learn about these laws?

It's a shame because they must be shared.
So that's what I'm here for. 

YOU! You are my why! I want everyone to know all this amazing information to grow and shift and become that amazing light that shines in them!


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