Consistency is Key

Consistency is key...

Funny as I say this, and I skipped my blog last week.
But it made a difference- I felt the emptiness- I missed you all.

I was absent because I finally found my focus point.
And I was diving head first into it,
It consumed me.

Every beginning I feel like starts that way for me.
I'm so excited at this new venture I start running at it full force.
But then what happens?

It fades.. 
I get tired,
I get bored,
I get frustrated that I haven't reached all these goals over night!

Well, that's because it's not a race.
It's not something that you can run at faster, or throw all your time and effort into and have it just sprout over night.
You could sit and stare at a seed, and pray and water it, but that seed is going to sprout when it's ready. It needs time to grow.

Well that's the same with this business.
I want it to grow organically. I want people to join my newsletter and read my blog because they are interested. They want to better themselves. They know they are worthy.

Let me rephrase that. You are here because you are interested! You want to better yourself!
You know you're worthy! And thank you for showing up!

Over the past month I have implemented a new product into my routine and it has drastically changed my life. It has changed my perspective that I have towards myself, which lets face it, it huge for a business!

I had such a big vision- and I realized that I needed to scale it back and find my focus!
I only had to hear numerous coaches and speakers, but I think I needed to go through what I did to find the clarity.

Its funny how when you do sit back and let the universe take over, you start to see the direction you should go in.
I was able to see all these signs pointing me there. 
I was able to see where I needed to let things go, and at first was frustrated but now see why, they were just holding me back!

I love yoga.
I am so grateful for doing the teacher training, and for all the experience I have gained teaching the past 6 months. But I was running around, place to place, to teach a class, and then it was really cutting into my practice, and my business.
Things ended up unraveling and I left the studio- and it was such a blessing undisguised.
A weight was lifted. It was an excuse for me to not focus on my business. I needed to let that go and put all my energies here! That was plan B- and with a plan B you are expecting plan A to fail!

And you know what I realized! PLAN A is NOT going to FAIL!
I have been totally obsessing with Rachel Hollis.
If you have not read her books yet... well its a MUST!
Actually I recommend them on audible because listening to her, and the fire in her voice, is just captivating!
Right now, I'm in the middle of " Girl, Stop Apologizing", and the chapter where she explains you can only accomplish 1 goal at a time, played at the most opportune time.

It was my "A HA" moment.
You need to read the book!!
But 10 years, 10 goals, 1 at a time!
First goal to get me to my dream the fastest while being able to help save peoples lives everyday- well that's working with the products that have changed my life!

The product that finally, after 24 years, has quieted that nasty roommate I have living in my head. I am able to chase my dreams! I am able to see my self worth and value.

I am a compassionate person who cares about others. I want people to know that they don't have to live in silence. I did.
I didn't want to get on a prescription - so I just sat and suffered with my negative self talk. 
I did yoga trainings and workshops,
I've tried other natural remedies.
And all have made a traumatic difference, but nothing has changed it quite like this.

Self growth and development is hard, it takes work, and it takes you getting vulnerable and uncomfortable, but afterwards....

Afterwards- no words can describe.
You get your life back!

This is your life- it is meant to be lived and not just suffered through.
It's your job to fix it- and make it your own!

Now lets go back to this consistency is key.
Self growth takes time. Just like yoga it is a practice. It is a lifestyle.
Its not something that you can do once and be done.
You have to make a choice everyday to be better. To be happy. To choose not to let life stressors get to you.
It needs to be worked on everyday.
Not everyday is going to be amazing, but everyday you tried, you aimed to be better than you were yesterday! And that's all you can do.
Strive to be better than you were yesterday!

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