Sun's Out: More Work? Thought I'd be tanning those buns...

It was the beginning of the month when I started looking around and realizing that everyone was... EXHAUSTED!

All my students that would come into class, the mom's I saw at the grocery store, all the servers and bartenders that the restaurants...

Why though?
It's summertime! The sun's out, the days are longer, the fun is suppose to begin.
That's it.. the days are longer! 

The sun's out and the weather is nice (well most of the country is finally getting there) and the days are longer. We feel like because the sun is out that we have to fill our days with more activities, chores, and projects.

The sun is out now past 8:30 PM, and more people are now not getting home until 9..
Now think about back in December: the sun went down at like 4:30 PM- if you're anything like me; you found it hard to stay awake past 5:30 PM. Now at 5:30 you're just getting your second wind, about to part 2 to the day.

The past 2 weeks my schedule has been balanced as much as I am in the forearm stand in this photo. I love live photos- such a deception. I would be flattering myself if I said that I held that for longer than 5 seconds.
Paddleboard season is finally in full swing- so I'm up early out on the water, which truthfully has been messing with my office time. I am so burnt out from the sun that I can't even think about writing a blog or anything when I get off the water.
Then I'll come home, and yes, take a nap. Or maybe I'll do some light housework, and then, yes, take a nap. So then I can go teach a studio class in the evening or possibly have a catering gig at the restaurant.

But as I am sitting here writing this at 9:30 AM. I have gotten back on track, and started scheduling. I have a hard time with consistency, but I'm working on it. I even have been starting to change my mindset about it. But when I write out my days in my calendar, and really break my day down the night before, it helps tremendously with my productivity the next day. The CBD coffee and my diffuser pumping patchouli and peppermint help me stay grounded and focused as well. 

Consistency is just like balance. It's something that you have to keep checking and keep bringing yourself back to. It's about creating a routine and holding yourself accountable. We will not always stay balanced, actually we'll never just stay balanced, but it's how you recognize it and come back to it every time. So what I didn't write in my calendar last week, and I flew by the whim. I made it, right? I got to all my appointments and meetings. Could I have done more last week? ABSOLUTELY. But it's ok. And now after writing in my calendar this week I was able to catch up.

Life happens. We have friends and family in town. It's summer. The days are longer and there's more to do. But keep coming back to that balance. Remember we won't always stay there, but we have to keep coming back.

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