CBD vs Copaiba

CBD vs Copaiba Essential Oil

CBD has been blowing up everywhere, just like essential oils are. There has been so much discussion about these 2.
Both of them get extremely bad reputations of not working because of all the different products and companies.

Ladies and Gentlemen listen to me clearly:
Let me say that again: QUALITY MATTERS!

When it comes to our healthcare and the products that we have in our houses- this isn't when we should nickle and dime and try to find the cheapest product. Yes you can go to Wal-mart and find essential oils, and now in many states you can find CBD products there too- they are not the same.

All oils are not created equal. There is no FDA requirements on essential oils and CBD products so companies can add any fillers that they want to.
First thing to do it check the ingredients!

But now lets get back to the difference in CBD and Copaiba.
If you have not checked out what the endo cannabinoid system is yet- I suggest you google it. But it is a system that is in our body. It is extremely influential because it runs through our entire body- there are receptors everywhere.
There are 2 types of CB receptors CB1- which is where THC goes to produces the "high" feeling. And what were going to be talking about CB2 receptors which are found all over but mostly focused on how they affect our immune system, inflammatory receptors, and levels of discomfort.

BOTH CBD and Copaiba work with the CB2 receptors.

First major difference in the 2 is the make up of the products.
-CBD is not an essential oil. It is a botanical within the plant. There is a safe way of extraction to get the molecule out of the plant.
-Copaiba is an essential oil, where the tree bark and root are steam distilled to extract the oil.

The next major difference comes from the consistency. doTERRA does third party testing on all their oils and they get the oils from the part of the world where they naturally thrive, so all the oils have potency and purity backing them. When you start researching the difference, a lot of companies don't like the inconsistency of the CBD. It's because they haven't found a company that is just as regulated as doTERRA.

I invite you all to look into hempworx. They run third party testing, making sure that all their products are consistent. This company is breaking the trends and doing their product right just like doTERRA did when the essential oils where blowing up everywhere.

Everyone's body is going to have different reactions to different oils. Some people find great ease to sleep with lavender, where others find lavender doesn't help but petigrain does.
Same with the Copaiba and CBD- both are coming from the plants. Both are extremely potent and powerful, however some will find more relief with CBD as opposed to Copaiba and visa versa.
I think that all of these plants were place on this Earth for a reason. There are times that I love using Copaiba- especially after a workout, I put a couple drops in my water bottle.
But let me tell you, after trying this CBD product- that I know is safe, tested, and potent I am so grateful that I decided to add this oil to my arsenal.

There's no stopping me now- it's amazing the crazy stories that we tell ourselves and what we believe. It's also so amazing when you realized those were lies and you are worth so much more than you ever told yourself.

You don't have to suffer- you can be happy! Do some research- this is your life- you should live it- not just survive and make it through it!

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