Plants over Pills: What's your feeling on CBD?

Plants over Pills. Love this.

Some of you already know, but maybe you don't, I have a small obsession to my oils. I definitely have an oil for that. And by that, I mean, anything and everything you could possibly need.

My journey began over 4 years ago, but that's not why we're here. If you want to know my story one day, you can catch it on my site somewhere, or don't hesitate to ask me. I love to share, I have owned my mistakes and if my story can help someone else, I'll shout it from the rooftop.

Recently, I have just overcome my last little nasty habit I was waiting to break: the cigarette. This took me a little while to want to tell my "yoga community" this, that after class on the way home, I was smoking a cigarette reflecting on the the amazing class. 
In 5 days, I will now be 3 months as a non-smoker. It was hard, hell, it still is hard. There are some days that I would really enjoy a cigarette, and then I think, "why? what is it really doing for me? what am I really feeling?" and then instead I go grab an oil. Of course I use my oils. Just like quitting drinking, the nicotine withdrawal brings up emotions, mostly anger.

And then I got some CBD coffee. Now this isn't my first experience with CBD. Actually my boyfriend and I have traveled out to Colorado and Nevada and have brought different products back. I have a massage oil, lip balm, pain salve, and candies. I really became interested when he took me skiing, and I "yardsaled" at least 15 times my first time a green trail. 

"yardsaled"- skis and all equipment get scattered as you tumbled down the mountain

I found some CBD candies. Man did that help my achy body.

But now, as I drink the coffee in the morning, I notice that it takes the edge off. I am able to relax a little more, and I am not so anxious. I use and have plenty of oils for anxiety, and I love all of them. I think that they all play a different role. And this also goes back to consistency from my last blog. Coffee is something that is in my routine already and it is a seamless transition to incorporate it into my lifestyle. It helps me wake up, get focused, and have confidence for my day, without having the desire to kill someone.

Mother Nature has resources everywhere. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to synthetically replicate the components that derive in nature. Why not just use the plant and get the components from the source. Plants all have different purposes and having CBD oil in my arsenal of oils, just adds more strength and balance to my body.

In my mid 30's I am finally realizing the value of self. It has been a tough path, and there are still mental arguments that I struggle with, but knowing all these tools, I am finally blossoming to my BEST SELF.

I have found that when you do value and take care of yourself you can offer so much more to others. And that is what I am here to do. I want others to feel a little more peace, love and happiness within themselves.

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