3 Tips to Remind You Good Things Take Time

"Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." Rachel Hollis

Mind Blown! WOW I needed to hear that.
If you are someone who looks at this quote, and is like "duh" then maybe this article isn't for you.

I feel like whenever we start anything new, usually we are learning from someone who has way more experience, and we get lost in that comparison battle. But how can we? How can we compare our beginner self to someone who has years of experience?

I DON'T know how- but I find myself here from time to time. I am trying to build my business and really focus and narrow down what I want to do, so I will definitely call myself a beginner! I may have years of experience in teaching, but when it comes to trying to build a brand and a name, WOW, I'm definitely a newbie!

Then I see one of my mentors. She just bought her dream house, is on cloud nine with her life and family, and it just seems to be perfect.

I don't care that she's been doing it for years, I WANT MY BUSINESS TO BE THERE!

Then I take a step back. This is my journey! My journey, my business, my life! I look at where I was in the beginning of the year. I have grown. I am so grateful and blessed for the opportunities that have been granted to be for having faith.

Have patience- trust your path, follow your heart, and fuel that passion.

Yea sounds great- tell me to have patience and I'll get off the comparison train. NOT!

Couple Tips that help me when I get see myself riding that train:
- I attend a slow paced yoga class: a restorative or a yin class are my favorite. It makes me take one hour to really practice patience and be with my breath. If I am on this comparison train then I am unhappy with a current milestone I'm at. In both of these classes you hold each pose for a minimum of 3 minutes and can be as long as 10! I have to focus on my breath and be okay with staying in that posture for an unknown amount of time.
- Again, if I'm here I'm usually unhappy. SO GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! It is such a great resource to connect and meet to people, but it is the worst when you are in self doubt land and comparing yourself to everyone. Until you can appreciate everyone is on a different journey, and can stop comparing yourself, then just GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!
- Console! Whenever I needed some patience and confidence that I AM AMAZING- this is my go to oil! I love this blend! I love everything about it- especially that it's called the reassuring blend. When we are lacking patience, we have this fear that we are running out of time, but we need the confidence to have faith that things will work out in perfect timing!

Keep the faith! Find some patience, and take time to enjoy your journey.

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