Don't want to get out of bed? 3 moves to get you MOTIVATED!

We all have those days! 

Recently, I have been struggling with my emotions being on this roller coaster...
I have just quit smoking cigarettes.. finally! It began when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed... yes, at 33 I had to get them out, and that was my sign it was time for me to quit! March 19th was the day, and I've held strong...
But we all have those days!
I found some days it was easier to just try to sleep the day away, but lets face it, our lives can't be on hold while we choose to lay in bed.
Motion creates motivation. It's important here to start small. One step at a time, and taking time to acknowledge your successes throughout the process.
Don't want to get out of bed? Well don't rush the process then. These 3 moves to do in bed will help motivate you too your feet.

  • -First Move- Expansion of our chest: Focus on Inhale
Lying on your back, legs stretched long, bring your right hand on your heart, and your left hand on your belly. Bringing your focus to your inhales, notice how it raises your left hand and belly and moves up to the right hand. Your exhale will come naturally, keeping your focus on your inhales and the movement that your breath does to your front body. Continue for 10 slow, deep inhales.

  • -Second Move- Joint Rolls
Staying on your back, stretch your legs long and arms over head, for a full body stretch on an inhale. Then brining your arms back down and begin with wrist rolls, moving them slow and mindfully with your breath. Then add some ankle rolls, going slow and really flexing and pointing your toes as you go around so you begin to stretch your calves and legs. Continue for 2 or 3 minutes, being mindful and focusing on your inhales and that fresh breath, prana.

  • -Third Move- Knees Into Chest
Staying on your back, draw your knees into your chest, placing your hands onto of your knees. Begin making circles with your knees, bending and straightening your arms. Staying steady in your breath and movements, bringing your knees up on your inhales, and circling down on your exhale. Complete 4 full circles, and then switch directions.

Focusing on your inhales, bring fresh air, prana into our bodies and energizes our body. Now that you began this movement, keep the momentum going, rise out of bed and reach towards the sky. Separate your legs, and your arms for a big X, reaching your hips forward, feeling strong and spacious, inhaling and expanding our chest.

It should be easier to start your day now!
At any point throughout your day you are feeling sluggish, take some long inhales, focusing on expansion of the chest.

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