How to stay balanced- what is a drishti?

What is a DRISHTI?

My teacher use to say it all the time when she would cue us to get into tree pose.

"Find your drishti. Get light on your right foot, open your knee to the right, and place your foot on your inner thigh. Root down with the left foot and reach your arms to the sky."
Don't be embarrassed if you're struggling to stand on one foot, find your breath, and then your like "what the "f" is a drishti? what does this woman want me to do?" 
Don't be embarrassed because I was there and so was everyone in that room at one point!
Yoga has it's own language, it's own dialect, and is in Sanskrit.
Drishti simply put is your gaze. It is finding a soft gaze on an object, to make it easier, and then advancing to a soft gaze with an intention of direction- like forward or to your third eye.
This soft gaze accompanied with remembering to breath can drastically improve your balance.

What else can help your balance?
Balance begins within. It begins with our confidence, which then fuels, our breath, that makes our spine grow taller, which then makes our balance better.
Wouldn't you know that there is an oil called balance? It's the grounding blend, this is one of my favorite oils to apply to the bottom of my feet before my class. It helps with physical grounding and balance, but as well as grounding your mind, making it easier to find a soft gaze and focus on your breath.

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