Just DAYS left!!

I can't believe it!

I can't believe there is only days left in this decade!!
It's about to be 2020 and I want to make sure that I am in full alignment for the next 10 years.
Ok... let's just focus on the next year ahead.
I want to walk into this next year with a clearer vision of my future, and firmly believing in it.

I wish that I had began learning about the law of attraction in school. Or if I did then I wish it was introduced in a way where it interested me. 
Since I began with this company I've done more personal development than I have... umm.. ever! 
Do you realize how important your mindset is?
How powerful it is? 
Also how limiting it is?

We need to remove the blocks that have us held down. We have subconsciously limited ourselves. We have limited ourselves on the jobs we can have, how much money we can earn, how many vacations we can take, and even the house we live in. Many of these limits are given to us subconsciously from our parents and how we were raised. It's not our parents fault either, it was just the programming they received subconsciously as well. 
However it is our responsibility to retrain our brain. 
It is our responsibility to realize that these blocks are invisible, but powerful. They are only there because our mind believes they are. 

So how do we get rid of these blocks? 
How do we begin to train our brain?
Through repetition and belief.
We need to re-write the story we tell ourselves.
I love these power mantras from a group that I'm in. Everyday after meditation we recite 3 -5 power mantras. 
My favorite and the one that is said everyday is:
"NOW I AM the voice.
I will lead and not follow.
I will believe and not doubt.
I will create and not destroy.
I am a champion.
I am a force for God.
I defy the odds.
I set new standards.
I add massive value everywhere that I go.
I am a money magnet.
I am a walking vault.
Successful Entrepreneurs look for me every single day.
They want to give to me.
They want to pour into me.
Millions come to me right now."
It's so powerful. And if you say this to yourself twice, there is no way that you can not start your day ready to kick ass!

Now this takes repetition and consistency.
Just like anything else that is worth it, it takes work.
Just when I think I'm great and perfect and slip with my personal development, all the anxiety comes back.
It's a consistent job. We have to work on it daily.
We have to slow down, just moments slower, just so we can really think about our thoughts.
Are you grateful for what you have?
Are you seeing the blessing/lesson in the frustrating situation?
Do you trust that everything is perfect, and life is going exactly as it should be?

As you build your mindset and it grows, the blessings just start happening to you.
When you relax, let go of expectations, and trust that everything happens for a reason, life becomes easier. It becomes simpler.

We all try to shove ourselves into these boxes of standards, but we are humans, we aren't averages.
Most people do NOT fit into those boxes, and then that's where the limitations begin...
Build your mindset to know that you truly can do anything you are willing to focus on and fail at!
Have your mindset so strong on your dream that you can fail 50 times and not give up! That's how people become successful. 
They have consistency to fail and NOT GIVE UP!

So what's your goal? 
What do you want to accomplish in 2020?
2020 means perfect vision. It's also an angel number that means we are the only ones that put limits on ourselves, so we need to take down the walls and keep people close to us.
Wow- powerful, what an exciting year, what an exciting number.

You have your goal..
Now you need to visualize it.
Visualize it all the time.
The best way to do this is create a vision board.
Remember when you were in middle school and you made colleges from magazine cutouts?
Yes!! I know! I loved them to! 
Make one!
Put all the things you want to accomplish on there for the year.
Give yourself a clear vision of how you want 2020 to be.

Humans are creators. Our brain has the power to create anything that we want.
Its called manifesting. Visioning, knowing, and believing we already have what we want.
We develop the mindset of scarcity through our subconscious, but once we break those blocks we transform to a mindset of abundance.
We know that there is plenty in the world for everyone.
Everyone can find success and be happy.
We don't need to have this competitive attitude towards one another.
So dream big, and know that you can receive it all.

Remember to go into this new decade, new year, with your eyes on a goal, but a plan in place to.
Make sure that plan is simple and small daily tasks. It should be easy to implement into your day so it isn't a complete culture shock.
You don't need to know all the details of how all these goals are going to happen, but you do have to put some action step in place!
What does that mean?
What to lose weight?
First lets retrain the mindset to say you want to look healthier. It now makes it outside of numbers, and it makes it positive.
And your simple step could be to track your steps everyday on you phone/watch. Each day you try to beat the day before.
It makes the activity fun, and something easy to obtain and beat. Don't accomplish one day, no big deal, start from that day and do one more step the next...
We are going for progress, not perfection.

What to grow your business?
I know I do, and that's my main focus this year!
I have my goal to reach out to 10 people daily, continue my yoga classes, and recreate my blog schedule.
When I shifted my business in July, I was having a hard time finding balance and a routine, and truthfully guidance that I trusted.
I have been playing around with marketing on social media platforms and trying to grow my audience so much on there, I have let this go.
So I am focusing on revamping and being consistent on my web page, like I am on my social media platforms.
I have a better working schedule and I have tweaked a lot.
I am so excited for the year ahead!
I hope you are too!
Please share with me your vision boards when you create them!

Here's mine:

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