"Do what you KNOW, not how you FEEL"

September just ended and rolled right into October while in VEGAS!

Don't know why I was looking for some sort of schedule when September came, I should have stayed teaching if that was the case. But a discussion for a different blog.

Ben and I have been so many times before, but this time was different in so many ways.

This time we:
-Stayed in a timeshare off the strip. Thanks Mom (she also was going to loose the week)
-Rented a car- my first time driving in Vegas, WOW! And I got to sport a sweet mini van, LOL
-Came for a convention- inner nerd broke out with all the notes I took!

Ben's friend lives there so normally he just chauffeurs us around, but he didn't seemed too thrilled to be playing tourist and I was also concerned how we were going to get to the Mirage at 8AM for convention.

What an experience!
If your company offers convention- you NEED to do everything in your power to make it to the next one!
The atmosphere, the energy, the connections, the knowledge!
You won't be able to get the experience anywhere else.

We had so many amazing keynotes and speakers- if I really recapped the whole convention this would turn into a novel.
For this time around I'm only going to focus on 2.

Bob Proctor: First I'd like to say- if you were like me and you don't know who he is, please take a moment and look him up. He gave us so much information in the hour and a half he spoke it was unbelievable. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill one one of the main resources that he kept referring to throughout his talk. It was amazing that this book was gifted to us by the owner of our company. This book has been on my reading list for 2 months now, but has now just jumped to number one and I'm going to begin reading as soon as I finish writing this. I've heard Jenna talk about this book, but now after hearing Bob talk about it too, it is clear that all entrepreneurs need to read it. If you do not already follow me on Facebook, please do because beginning Monday, October 14th, I will be doing a live book chat on my page. We will be reading the book together and then have weekly discussions on how you can implement the book into your life and your business. I can't wait to see you all there.

Les Brown: Again, if you don't know who he is, you need to look him up. I recommend looking him up on YouTube because his laugh is infectious. "Do what you KNOW, not what you FEEL" One of the biggest takeaways from the whole convention. Especially this past week being back home. I have been so tired, and trying to adjust back to the time change, but I'm just doing what I FEEL, when I KNOW I should do things different. At first when I heard him say this, I didn't agree. I have doing so much reading about intuition and following our gut, which can be mistaken for feelings, but that's not how he was saying it. We all KNOW what we should be doing, but most of the time we create an excuse by what we FEEL. I KNOW I should go to yoga but I FEEL too tired. Well actually if I made my body move and do an activity it would give me more energy. So I know, but did I do?

I should eat healthier, but I FEEL like pizza.
I should read my book, but I FEEL like watching tv.

I should have written this blog on Thursday, but here we are Sunday. I created excuse after excuse. Even last night when I was sitting here home alone, glued in front of the Hallmark channel, I thought about writing it, but then I said, no I'm a better writer in the morning. What a lame excuse!

I knew what I should have been doing all week, and although I showed up on my Facebook page, and I still showed up for work on my business everyday, it wasn't the most time productive and there were plenty of other things that I should have done but didn't FEEL like it.

We have to get real with this. We have to own up and realize when we are avoiding do the hard things just because we don't want to.
Do you want to be successful?
Do you want to help people change their lives?
Well that's not an easy job, and if it was then more people would be doing it.
We have to be willing to do the hard, the uncomfortable, the things that we KNOW we should do in order to make ourselves grow.

I love Rachel Hollis's view on this:
Count to 3, turn your music on, and just do it! We all have things that we don't want to do, but sitting and thinking about them isn't going to make them go away. We have to just count to 3 and do it, and more than likely it was never as bad as we thought it was going to be.

Start with bringing awareness, then conquer the fear, and just do it.

"Do what you KNOW, not how you FEEL"

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