Best CBD

CBD is blowing up everywhere!

You can find it in skin care products, candies, drinks, and everything else. 

I'll admit when I first went to Colorado 3 years ago and was able to go into the dispensaries I was overwhelmed and excited.I was uneducated, and like a kid in a candy store. 

I bought CBD lip gloss, massage oil, and gummies. And after my first time skiing those gummies did help me out!! 

But now years later there are companies everywhere! Showing up in their own store fronts and even at the grocery store.

So how do you know what the best products are? Well let's do some research. Couple things to look at before you purchase your CBD:

-Look at the ingredients! Can you even find the ingredients? This is an oil that you are consuming in your body or applying it topically so if you are like me you want to know what's in it! Start there.

-Where does the plant come from? Do you know where the plants are coming from that make your oil? I do. If the website doesn't want to tell you, then you probably don't want to know.

-What's the extraction process? How do they process the plant to pull the molecule out? Are they using chemicals or is a CO2 extraction?

-What's the testing policy? Do they even test? Do they have records and proof that anyone can see the results?

-Did they get a hemp seal? Only 13 companies out of 22,000 did, and mine was one of them.

If you were able to answer the questions above, then I would say that you have found a good product and keep using it if you have found relief. If you don't know any of the answers and want some more info please check out my site and company.

Oh, does you company give a 60 DAY guarantee or your money back? If not, why? 

Come check out what you're missing:
Wish I tried sooner- and I know you will too