Teacher at Heart

Where should I begin?

I'm a teacher at heart! Whether it's children, yoga, gymnastics, or wellness; I love assisting and watching people blossum and grow.
Have you ever had an "A-ha" moment? Of course you have! Now have you ever watched someone else's face while they have an "A-ha" moment? Have you taught someone something that gave them that "A-ha" moment?
That's what I live for! I love the light in the eyes of others as they are reaching the "A-ha"!

Not just am I a teacher at heart, but that means that I also am a forever student.

Forever a Student

I think we should all strive to be forever students. The world is constantly changing and growing, and we need to learn right along with it.

As I complete one form of certification or another, I always realize I want to know more! I need to know more...

I want to educate and help people find that true inner bliss. I want others to know that this is their 1 life and they must live it well, and how they want to.
Let me help guide you to your inner light!