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"I am changing the world by becoming me"- Christine Strong

Did you know we are energy beings?

Creating, storing, exchanging, and storing energy from things all around us.

Did you know that each of us creates and interacts with energy differently?

Did you know that it's going to make working with the universal laws differently too?

When I learned this my mind was blown.

I have been working on the universal laws passionately the past year. It began with working on my mindset, like using affirmations to begin to raise my vibration. I know we have the power to choose and create our reality and it begins in the mind. I have now been writing my own affirmations for a couple months and have plenty of material for a book which will be in the works soon... But until then, sign up for my newsletter below and start receiving some of my affirmations there!

From the mind we shift to the body. Yoga means yoke or union. The union between the mind, body, and soul. It is a wonderful tool to help transmute your energy and shift it around. We have chakras, or energy centers, throughout our body. When we have imbalance in our life it can cause certain chakras to become blocked, but using yoga and meditation is one of the best ways to open up and get the energy flowing again.

WIth the mind and body balanced its time to work with the spirit and our energy. It was when I realized that I was a MG and that there are 4 different types of energy beings, I knew it was going to be important to learn my energy type in order to manifest. When I learned how I specifically interacted with the energy around me it helped shift my focus to achieve my goals. It also has given me a road map to follow so that I can live my life in full alignment.

~Are you feeling like you have blocks?

~Does it feel like you have this energy but you can't seem to shift it and intentionally use it?

Let's see if I can help guide you through this transition

and get you back onto the path of alignment*

Hi, I'm Christine Strong

I'm honored to be one of your guides throughout your journey. I am a MG with a profile of 1/3 so my main way of learning is through EXPERIENCE. I am here to share my journey of how I have worked through addictions with yoga, strengthened my mindset with affirmations, and how I'm building my business stronger by working with my authority. I am here to hold space for you while you set off on your path. Let's build a strong foundation of mindset, understanding your energy, and then learning how to transmute it through your body with yoga.

Mind: Our thoughts create our reality!

I have always struggled with a lot of self doubt and negative self talk throughout my life. It has taken many forms. It's been self-destructive and created some of my addictions in hopes of drowning out the voices. It has been self-sabotaging with doubt so that I don't even try to improve or challenge myself. It has also shown itself in forms of depression where I just isolate myself. It was when I started read some book recommendations from a mentor that I realized that I can change my thoughts... or at least I AM NOT my thoughts!

The Untethered Soul by Micheal Singer is what really launched me on my mindset work. Now I write my own daily affirmations and am in the very early stages of figuring out how I want to publish them, either a book or a set of oracle cards.

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Learning how to shift the energy in your body through breath and movement: YOGA

Have you ever wanted to start yoga but never wanted to walk into a studio?

What about trying some of the videos on YouTube but they are going so fast by the time you are in the pose they are already onto the next?

Now, imagine a private consultation with a certified teacher where you were able to explain any old injuries, or areas that have had surgery. You could inform them about what you were working towards and what type of yoga you would like. Imagine if you could even choose the length of time and have it still cover the areas you wanted it to. Well, all of your imagining has brought it to fruition and I will be creating personalized yoga videos made just FOR YOU!

That's right, no more flipping through videos online to find one that works for you. We will sit down and go over what areas of the body you want to focus on and how long and create a yoga practice just for your individual needs. Lets set up a consultation so you can begin your first step on this yoga journey.

Learning your AURA: energy type

You are a miracle!

The stars were lined up in the perfect way to create your personality, and you have every right to know all about it. Let's dive into your transits and see how you shift and transmute energy naturally through your body. Let's look at where your conditioning lies, and learn how you can remove anything that is limiting you because it simply ISN'T YOURS!

Don't want to rehash all the past experiences in order to let go, well by using Human Design you can de-condition yourself from past traumas by learning how to live your life through your strategy and authority. Time to set up a reading so you can get back to living your life in alignment!


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